Dear LymeLight Journey Team,

I'd like to submit my music for use in your upcoming road trip and documentary, LymeLight Journey. I understand that I am donating the usage of my songs and will not be financially compensated but will be credited in all social media and/or youtube posts. I hereby grant future non-exclusive rights of this song to be used in the final documentary and understand that any formal licensing will be formed at that time.

My name (band name) should appear as:


Song titles are:


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Mp3s are attached

Copy and paste the above in an email to:

Hello, LymeLight musicians! Thank you for donating your music to our road trip soundtrack.

To submit your song(s), please copy and paste the text below and send to:

(copy and paste the below. attach mp3 files to email)

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Procida Creative International

Third Wheel TV


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