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Wanna go for a ride?

Updated: Oct 20, 2018

In January 2019, Brooke and her crew will set out across the country to meet all of you out there who are healing or have healed a chronic or mysterious illness. Our community can tune in and watch on Youtube and Social Media as Brooke continues to heal from life long chronic Lyme disease with the help of her trainer/life coach/yogi. Find out how Brooke got through Lyme and its various co-infections, healed her body and started listening to her soul's calling. This trip is a return to power- a coming home of sorts to the place where Brooke fell debilitatingly ill at the peak of success and was forced to leave. Journey with us as Brooke, her fellow riders and the warriors they meet along the way boldly shine light on their deepest woes and choose to live in health.

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