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Open  Heart

Open Mind

Open Road

“Whatever is in me is stronger than what is out there to defeat me.” 
― Caroline Myss

Actress and Health Activist Brooke Procida is moved to hit the road and journey back

to the life she left behind before she fell ill 25 years ago.

On a quest to rebuild her body, mind and spirit with the help of several experts across the country,

Brooke meets others who have also overcome mysterious, unidentifiable, "incurable" illnesses

and interviews the doctors and healers who have made it their mission to help.

These stories of struggle, confusion, hope and triumph will inspire and astound you and might even save your life.



Meet  Brooke and the road trip team.

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Brooke Procida

Creator LymeLightJourney

The Crew El Cid.jpeg

LymeLight Journey- Created and Written by Brooke Procida with Gibson Frazier,

Director/DP: Gibson Frazier, PA: Hannah Phillips

Executive Producers: Brooke Procida and Rob B Campbell

Studio PCI/Third Wheel

Docu-series release date 2020

Coming Soon...

LymeLight Panel of Experts

Preparing for Blood Test
Reiki Treatment
Medicinal Herbs
Successful Girl

@LymeLightJourney Panel of Experts to help others struggling with Lyme and other chronic illness to find...

-Proper Diagnosis

-Medical Treatments

-Alternative/Holistic Treatments

-Body, Mind, Spirit Therapists and Techniques

- Case/symptom specific advice (children, athletes ,elderly etc.)

-A roadmap back to total, complete, uncompromising wellness

You are not alone and the answers are out there. Meet others who have been down the long road...and healed....

Meet other survivors...

Sunset Over Forest

Stories and Interviews

Coming soon

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