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LYMELIGHT: the cross- country-comeback project; a multi-part series.

Updated: Sep 25, 2018

In the coming months, I will be sharing sneak peaks of my upcoming, multi-part series, LYMELIGHT....where I travel across the United States from NY to LA, connecting with others who have healed from Lyme Disease or Chronic Illness. As we embrace life after sickness, discovering what it means to be truly well, we step fully into the responsibility of living in alignment with our higher purpose. Creating new habits and committing to a new way of life on many levels, my hope is to inspire and be inspired by others so that this global and personal shift that's already happening can be accessible to everyone... even enjoyable. Pain and suffering can be great instigators of change and exceptional growth but so many of us avoid going into to it because we'd rather be numb or are scared to lose the security of what we already know for fear of the great unknown. Change is easier with community, with commradery and with the absolute feeling that you are not alone. We have walked through the fire and lived. You can too.

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